Gold Director Elite is the highest rank one can reach in the Karatbars system. We can help you benefit from the system “faster” because we work as a TEAM, and we are a part of the Wealth Builders Worldwide family with 10,000+ gold enthusiasts!  You will be NOT left alone!

The Karatbars e-Commerce Platform and Affiliate System will literally improve your life by enabling you to get paid in both cash and free gold just for saving money and showing others to do the same!

gold director elite ranks

Gold is REAL MONEY and is YOUR Best protection against inflation!

Did you know ? Everybody can afford gold NOW with this private, user-friendly Gold currency.

cashgold kb

This is 999.9 pure 24k gold (the best quality in the world) certified by LBMA refineries and accessible in a transportable alternative form of money. Just like you carry $1, $5, or $20 bills .. Now there is 1g, 2.5g, 3g, 5g and even 6g of gold that are the size of a credit card.

Gold Director Elite 3

And Karatbars International GmbH have developed a system so you can benefit from it just by introducing it to others.

Create a real long term “inflation proof” savings

HERE IS WHY everybody should start exchanging paper money for Gold money*!

(*real money)

Karatbars International offers a way to reliably and simply move small amounts of paper money into gold savings securely stored for you or delivered to you. Not just any gold but 24 karat 999.9 fine gold bullion produced by LBMA accredited refineries.

Gold is financial insurance: Imagine affordable gold bars as small as 1 gram shipped by FedEx right to your front door.

Real money with the store of value to protect your savings against devaluing paper currency and inflation.

A Gold Director Elite Save Money + Make Money

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